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Join the Give Me Back Elmo party

Why join the Give Me Back Elmo party?

The Give Me Back Elmo party is committed to holding the Government and opposition to account on the issue of Fathers rights and family law reform, no other  UK political party focuses solely on this issue.

What is in it for me?

you will be part of a group that constantly pushing for change in family law by taking direct axction and standing in elections, also you will get access to the social forum, advice on how to protest if needed, support, invites to protests and also you will be able to stand in local ane parliamentary elections for the party.

Why Give Me Back Elmo?

Give Me Back Elmo has already received large amounts of mainstream coverage for taking direct action and standing in elections, a quick google search explains exactly what the party is about and what we want. This makes it very easy for anybody who uses the name to get their message out quickly as there is no need to explain in detail what you are protesting about and the online results of previous actions of the party will help add some strength to your individual campaign.

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