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The restraining order

after acquittal

In early 2011 I was falsely accused of harrassment. I stood trial and was fully acquitted of all charges. Despite this the Magistrate gave me a restraining order to last 4 year's. It was given on the same day as the acquittal despite the guidelines saying there should be 2 week's in between to submit hearsay evidence.

As you can see from the document...

  • the date's of the crimes i was acquitted of are after the date this document was signed

  • The order states to protect from "fear of violence" another error as orders given after acquittal can not be worded like this due to no crime being committed.


This order was used as an actual conviction in Family proceedings and one of the main reasons I don't see my children.


Fully acquitted of all charges yet I was still given a Criminal punishment





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