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When I was told that I would not be seeing my girl's anymore I have to admit I laughed, I had hundreds of video's and pictures of happy time's and also I knew both girl's thoroughly enjoyed seeing me and would tell anyone who asked them that they wanted to see me. I was satisfied that any court in this country would order contact resumes straight away....... Then I stepped into a courtroom......



  • In early October 2010 contact was stopped as I was accused of assault, The police took no further action a few days later.

  • I was then accused of being on drugs so I paid £300 for a secure drugs test to prove I wasn't

  • I was arrested for sending a letter with lewd content in it, The dates it was said it was recieved and the postmark on the envelope did not match up and it appeared that it was recieved before the letter was ever sent, The police took no further action. No charges were brought against anyone else for false allegations or wasting police time

  • I was issued with a ex-parte (I wasn't informed beforehand) non molestation order, I later went to court and succesfully got this revoked due to their being no evidence

  • Contact with my girl's resumed on the 27/12/10, the arrangement imposed on me by the Judge in Hertford County court was for 8 hours a week..




  • Overnight contact resumed from February

  • Contact stopped again in May, Unknown to me this was to be the last time Me and my children would have normal contact ever again. i started court proceedings.

  • August, had a court hearing District judge Eynon ordered a Cafcass report and gave them until February 2012 to complete it.

  • October 2011, I attend court again, This time at the request of the other side a psychologist report is ordered by Eynon, The reasoning for this was that in a fictional story I created for my Daughters the words "Shut up" appear.


  • I attend court in February where the cafcass report reccomends unsupervised contact immediately.

  • The taxpayer funded psychologist report reccomends some supervised to help the children re-establish a relationship with me after almost a year of no contact.

  • Eynon ignores Cafcass and orders supervised contact for 6 sessions to re-establish a relationship which Cafcass will pay for.

  • In April we have our first contact session, The girls are overjoyed to see me and are looking forward to resuming normal contact.

  • In June I attended court again, The Cafcass officer did not bother to show up, Neither did my Barrister, The other side requested another psychological report, a fact finding hearing and a residency order, They also requested that we continued in fully supervised contact despite Cafcass saying they will not pay for anymore sessions. I opposed all 4 requests, But Eynon (Who by now was in the mid stages of senile dementia) agreed all 3 should be done, He also ordered that I should pay the £62.50 per fortnight for 2 hours supervised contact.

  • I attended court again in October 2012, This time both Cafcass and the psychologists (His second report) were in agreement that this had gone on too long and I should have the girl's back as normal completely unsupervised as quickly as possible. Eynon ignored both of the professional witnesses and agredd with the other side's requests for a new Cafcass report and a third psychology report. at this time we had been in fully supervised contact for 6 months.




  • I attended court in January, Eynons findings were that something I had been accused of in 2010 but the police took no further action was in fact completely true! He decided this on the balance of probability in a closed court without looking at any evidence. He ordered (At the other side's request) for supervised contact to continue.

  • In March after a full year of fully supervised contact, My brave eldest Daughter let go of her dream to have a dad again, She stopped coming to contact. This is the last time I have had any contact with her.

  • I attended court again in June, Because of Eynons findings Cafcass reccomended I undertake an IDAP course, it is designed for convicted offenders, arranged through probation and I would be on the course with convicted violent offenders. Remember this relates to a false allegation from October 2010, I was found guilty with no right to a trial, Eynon who by now could not remember what witnesses were ordered by the court ordered that if I will not admit to being a violent domestic abuser I will not see my Children until they are 16. I am not a domestic abuser and will not admit to something I have not done and have not had the right to a trial for.

  • July 2013 District Judge Eynon is retired by the Ministry of Justice due to age related mental health problems.

  • November 2013 I finally get the transcript of Eynons June 2013 order (He refused approve it as he was no longer a Judge, You need an approved transcript for an appeal)




  • In February I receive a letter saying that my request for permission to appeal has been turned down by Judge Waller.

  • 2 weeks later I represent myself in an oral permission to appeal hearing and I am successful!

  • In April I attend court for the appeal hearing, It is turned down.

  • It is also at this time that my youngest Daughter stopped coming to the supervised contact centre, 2 years for 2 hours a fortnight that little girl managed to keep coming, 2 years of christmas's, birthdays and summer holidays in a 10ft by 20ft room with a complete stranger taking notes, The national association of child contact centres say this is the longest continuous supervised contact they know of. I am immensely proud of both of my Daughters for managing to hang on to the dream of having a Dad for so long, Most adults would not of held on that long. A true testament to the relationship we enjoyed before this started.

  • October the 30th 2014 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Lord Justice Ryder refused my appeal and blocked any further routes of appeal. The end of the court case.




The uk family court procedure, Our experience

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