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Ruining Harriet Harmans anti-male Pink bus launch in Stevenage

As I have said before I blame the rise of ultra feminism and the assumption that all men who are accused of domestic abuse are guilty as one of the main reasons I don't see my Children.

Invading the launch of the Pink bus was a meaningful successful protest which got a good amount of national press (Online and printed) and was on 4 news channels throughout the day. here are a few.

(Scroll down for videos and pictures)

The Protest

The Pink bus announcement on Tuesday the 10th of February got a lot of attention and was trending on twitter, The following day It was to have it's first appearance and would no doubt be heavily covered in that day's new's.....Unfortunately for Miss Harman her campaign team decided to launch the Pink bus publicity stunt in Stevenage. You think they would of learned not to bearing in mind I confronted Ed Milliband outside of a hospital in the town just a month before.

I tracked down the exact location of the visit, the local Asda, Watched them go into Asda then made my entrance, I questioned Miss Harman about a number of things to do with equality but it soon became clear she had made no effort at all to look at anything to do with male voters and just kept saying ""9.1 million women didn't vote in the last election.


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