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2015 Witney general election

Love you Elmo x

I was never concerned with how many votes I got in the election, Which is why I never bothered with the royal mail leaflet drop (They deliver leaflets free to every house in the constituency for candidates). My main aim was to use the election to raise awareness of the way family courts cause suffering for thousands of Children (And parents) and also to show that the Government refuse to do anything about it. Of course in any other constituency I would of been just one out of thousands of candidates in the country, Which is why I chose to stand in the Prime Ministers constituency as I knew how much attention he would be getting on the day, the perfect opportunity to expose how his Government have ignored the Fathers rights issue since the day they came to power.

After forming the party Give Me Back Elmo myself and Carol Wheeler went to Witney in late March 2015 to get the nominations I needed from people who lived in the area and are registered to vote, We only needed 10 but managed to get 27. On the 7th of April I handed in my nomination papers and became a candidate. See this page for details and press coverage. I never returned to Witney until just before the election as I was busy working and like I said the amount of votes were irrelevant for my aims.

Election Day

I decided to campaign outside of Spelsbury memorial hall on election day, It was being used as a polling station that day and also happened to be the polling station the Prime Minister use's to vote at.... The security guards and 40 photographers gave it away. The Prime minister arriving at his polling station was covered live around the world here are a few articles

It was also on live TV in the U.K, USA, greece, Belgium and many other countries. Here is our footage

That evening was the count, Elmo got a lot of attention when I walked in.... well a 7 foot red puppet at an election count would. the PM arrived around half 2, Then dissappeared until the announcment of the winner...who could it be??. Mine are announced about a minute and a half into the video, I'm the one in the red obviously.

A long day and night but hopefully it helped to raise a bit of awareness of the need to reform family courts.


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