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Scaling Westminster Abbey to mark Fathers Day 2015.

Fatherless day in the UK

For any Dad not seeing their Children Fathers day is probably the worst most painful day, even more so than Christmas day. The whole day is to celebrate being a great Father for the other 364 day's of the year, and if I cast my mind back to the last one I spent with my Children in 2010 for those with younger Children it's usually filled with handmade card's and presents. On this day it really makes me sit back and think how much this government have allowed to be taken from me and my children, It also make's me think of all the Fathers who take their own lives as they can't live with the pain of not seeing their Children, No doubt a major contribution to the male suicide rate being 4 times higher than the female one. This day is my day a reward for everything I am.... a loving Father, Yet for the past 5 years I have got no card's, presents, homemade cakes or cuddles from my Children on this or any other day.

I have had enough of this situation, over the past year I have done my best to engage in dialogue with various senior politicians, Even standing in the election against the Prime Minister in his constituency

and what have I got for my troubles? A handful of harassment orders and a lot of letters that continously spout the same lies about "Judicial independence" and "Best interests of the Child". I have been left with no choice but to leave the talking behind and start taking direct action with other desperate parents who refuse to sit back and watch their children's live be ruined by the family courts.

The Westminster Abbey protest marked the start of a new level of civil disobedience which will continue until justice is done, Fathers day was the perfect opportunity to start and I couldn't let it go without getting our message out there.

BBC News video

Global radio news headlines and police helicopter


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