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Elmo and Bob the builder climb Chris Graylings roof.

Elmo and Bob the builder on Chris Graylings roof

In January 2015 Martin Matthews was convicted of making 3 small holes on the roof of the then Justice Minister Chris Grayling.

Knowing that this had played on his conscience all this time i decided to accompany him back up there to fill the holes , naturally I dressed as Elmo and Martin dressed as Bob the builder.

Once the repairs were done the police used a megaphone to ask us to come down. Unfortunately we didn't have a ladder so had to stay put for another 2 hours until the fire brigade turned up.

As we stepped foot on the ground we were immediately chauffeur driven to a 5 star hotel called Salford custody suite where we were given caviar and champagne disguised as microwave lasagne and lukewarm water.

The serious side is of course the Government continue to ignore the fact that thousands of Children are being condemned to a miserable childhood (And subsequently adulthood) due to the pathetic laws that exist and their complete refusal to make any meaningful change. This also leads to Dads turning to drink, drugs or suicide as a release from the living bereavement that we have to live through every single day. Actions like this are necessary to bring attention to this evil practice and also to put pressure on the Government to change family law. We will continue with these type of protests until Fatherlessness is given the attention from the government it deserves.

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