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Buckingham palace rooftop protest

Legal disclaimer! Everything I have written here is complete fiction and a fantasy, there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that these events took place or any of the people mentioned in this article were involved :-)

Here are just a few of the news articles

A protest carried out by myself and Martin Matthews.

We spent half an hour identifying around 30-40 easily accessible places where we could get on the roof of Buckingham palace within a few seconds. In the end we decided on the queens gallery as it was connected to the main building and along the main road. Even though the terrible Paris terror attacks had happened just 2 weeks before it still looked very easy to get up there.

The fictional plan was to pull up along side jump out get the ladders off and climb up, this would involve someone staying on the ground to drive and take the ladders away after. We played a game of rock paper scissors lizard spock to decide, me and Martin lost so it was decided we were going up.

Unfortunately when we arrived the road was closed due to police motorbikes escorting a royal in so we pulled down a side road, got the ladder off and started walking towards the palace through an alley.

After dodging a few armed police we got on the roof.

We spent around 7 hours up there before deciding to come down as we felt we had made our point as there were around 30 members of the press standing opposite and we had been told by friends from around the world they had seen it on all news channels.

The protest was a huge success it was was covered by all major news outlets globally and pushed Fathers rights to the top of the agenda for that day and the following. Also the major security breach would of put a lot of strain on the government and will hopefully help to make them realise that we are not going to just go away and will continue fighting.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and shared the protest online. Also a huge thankyou to Fiona James and Darcy Delaproser for coming to the palace to support us from the ground.

ABC News report


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