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Give Me Back Elmo make a stand in Sheffield! 2016 Brightside and Hillsborough by election.

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Following on from my crushing defeat in the May 2015 general election at the hands of The Prime Minister David Cameron in Witney I have decided to give it another go with the full backing of.

I will be standing as a candidate in the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by election which will be held on may the 5th 2016.

Jeremy Corbyn has already been made aware that families will have a voice in this election and as a result cancelled a meet and greet with Labour activists in Sheffield on March the 24th due to myself, Samantha Johnson and Darryn Thurtle campagning for the Give Me Back Elmo party outside of the Southey Green campaign HQ on the day.

I will also be standing as a local councillor for the party for the Chells ward in Stevenage, also to be held on the 5th of May 2016.

If anyone is interested in standing as a councillor in their local area for the Give Me back Elmo party, text or E-mail me, contact details at the top right hand corner of this website.

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