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Sheffield by election report, Votes for Elmo increased by over 50%!

I managed to increase my votes by over 50% at this count compared to Witney in 2015.

Of course the main aim of standing in the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by election was to raise awareness of the need for family law reform and to highlight the injustices Fathers (and Children) face when going through a seperation.

The sheffield campaign was a success and received a lot of coverage for Fathers rights... deciding to take my Elmo costume off on stage while the winning candidate was giving her acceptance speech probably played a big part in that but we already know from

when I visited Jeremy Corbyn that the labour party and their leader oppose shared parenting so just because they are not in Government does not mean that they should not be protested too.

In 2016 fathers are still given less rights than an animal on the way to the slaughter house, this needs to change and if the Government will not give the issue any attention then I have no choice but to embarass them into changing things by using direct action and standing in elections for the Give Me Back Elmo party.

On the day of the count myself and Samantha Johnson met up with 2 other parents Les Culshaw and Darryn Thurtle, we visited the cafcass office and family court in Sheffield dressed in costume to make official complaints, neither wanted to speak to us and Cafcass locked the door so we could not get back in, not a very nice thing for a Government body to do bearing in mind they are always saying they like to listen to people going through the courts.

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