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Police station conviction overturned,

In February 2016 I held a protest on the roof of Stevenage police station after reading online an open invite that Chief Inspector Richard Harbon publicly released in 2013 (See below) which has not yet been redacted so still stands.

In April 2016 I was unlawfully convicted of ignoring a police order to leave the roof and subsequently was forced to carry out 100 hours of community service painting Stevenage football club. Despite knowing I was completely innocent I appealed and carried out the sentence.

On December the 9th 2016 Her Honour Judge Tayton sitting at Luton crown court overturned my conviction and ruled that as the legislation said "To leave the area as soon as practicably possible" and I had no way to get off the roof alone it was impossible for me to be guilty of ignoring the order.

This is clearly a malicious prosecution from the CPS and Herts police as they knew all along that I was not ignoring the order and I had no means to get off the roof, it's just a shame they withheld this at the original trial which resulted in me being subjected to degrading treatment and slavery. It is completely legal to stand on a police station roof with a banner for as long as you want as long as you don't disrupt anybody from going about their daily business.

I Love My Children and Will not give up or be intimidated by malicious prosecutions!!

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