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Jeremy Corbyn Case Dropped, Legal to protest on an MPs roofs.

Corbyn Case Dropped

In August 2016 myself and Martin Matthews took him up on this offer and stood on his roof for around 8 hours with banners about fathers rights.

We were arrested at the end of our time up there despite the fact the police never bothered speaking with Corbyn or confirming that we had permission, we were held for over 23 hours and charged with ignoring a police order and aggravated trespass, we attended court twice on separate dates in September.

In December just 11 days before the trial all charges were dropped.

It's a shame that Mr Corbyn did not come forward sooner and confirm that I had permission to be up there, because of his inactions we both endured months of uncertainty and were treated like common criminals just for speaking out about something we believe in.

I Love My Children and Will not give up or be intimidated by malicious prosecutions!!

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