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Real family statue protest

The Protest

I got to the statue early in the morning, I immediately

covered up the faces with pictures of me and my Children and took this


I expected that I would get a lot of verbal abuse from people for what I

had done, But I couldn't be more wrong. By the end of the first day we

had spoken to hundreds of people and it was obvious I was just saying

what everyone was thinking, The locals were furious at how

Birmingham city council had represented them.

This statue will be here for many years without a Father in it

but for today nobody would see or photograph this statue today without

a Dad in it, Whether thats a picture of me or me hanging onto it, The

police eventually left and only returned one more time over the next 3


Fathers do not

see their Children due to false allegations, This needs fixing of course but it

seem's the Government have conceded the inevitable and instead of

addressing the issue are attempting to normalise broken families.

The only I can see why they are doing this is so they do not have to fix

the broken system.

By displaying propaganda like this they are trying to instill into the minds

of the next generation and anyone unaffected by Family courts that infact

everything is completely fine, A broken family is not called a broken

family anymore its now called a "Real family" and as a permanent

reminder there is a statue glamourising it outside of Europes largest


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