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Greenwich anti-Father sexist poster protest

London Live coverage

When the Met police Borough commander for Greenwich Helen Millichap and local councillor Jackie Smith decided to launch a new campaign to combat domestic violence for some reason they decided to completely ignore the fact that men are the victims in 38% of reported domestic violent incidents.

They also decided to completely ignore that domestic abuse takes many forms and is not retricted to violence, for example many men are controlled financially and emotionally by ex partners who use their Children as a blackmail weapon...this is domestic abuse. Also they did not bother to aim the campaign at same sex relationships, teenage relationships (Much more likely to not be parents) and relationships where there are no Children.

Nope they just went for the easy route of putting blatantly on a 6ft x 3 ft poster that it is Dads that need to change, nobody else just Dads. When they sent the proof of they probably said to one another "Well nobody is going to speak up, if they do we will just accuse them of being mysoginists".

They were wrong....Myself and Terry Vooght decided to go to Woolwich/Arsenal DLR station and alter the poster.

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