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My unique conviction for trying to change family law

Update conviction overturned on appeal after I completed the community service!

100 hours community service and £670 costs for protesting about family law, click here to read about the protest on

So I done a lawful protest about family law that broke no laws. First of all Hertfordshire police decided to remand me in custody and then when they realised I had brok no laws they decided to charge me with an obscure one that is never used, in fact I am one of just a handful of people in the country that have ever been convicted of it.

There was no proof or evidence that I had committed this crime but after hearing the evidence from the police the judge decided "On the balance of probability" (Yes they were her actual words) that I was guilty.

It's also worth noting that the Judge Caralyn mellanby is also a family court judge, not exactly unbias is it??

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