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Where for art thou Children? A day on Boris Johnson's balcony.

Update case dropped

One weekend last month I tried to speak to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn about Fathers rights and the need for family law reform, neither were interested in speaking to me and as expected had no interest in the issue I was politely trying to bring to their attention.

Fast forward to the 18th of April and I found myself standing on his balcony at 20 Colebrooke row, Islington London, after around 10 minutes a Gentleman I know as Martin Matthews appeared beside me and attempted to make a citizens arrest on me,

when the police arrived he explained to them that I was a persistent offender and needed to be locked up so they could help me to re-establish contact with my Children as a way of stopping my offending (Channel 4 recently done a documentary about this called Dads in prison).

Anyway eventually we were arrested for aggravated trespass.

The lawful action was a huge success that got a large amount of media attention, public support and was also trending on facebook

The met police have received no complaints or statements from any complainants yet still have seized our phones and put bail conditions on us that are against our human right to freedom of assembly.

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