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Kidnapped by Merseyside police for going to the Beatles museum

The Sun - Liverpool Echo

The Labour party conference was on in Liverpool from the 25th-28th Of September 2016.

On the 27th of September myself and my partner decided to visit the Albert Docks, the plan was to get some lunch then have a look in the Various Beatle's museums, later on we were going to visit Penny Lane.

As we drove out of the Mersey tunnel on the Liverpool side we were stopped by an officer who said he does not know why he is stopping us. Eventually he said it is because i am known to have links to Fathers 4 Justice, eventually we were allowed to leave.

We proceeded to the docks where we were stopped again by the same officer, this time he arrested me. an inspector and 6 other officers turned up and said I was being arrested for breach of the peace.

I was taken to St Anne's street station where I was held for over 2 hours, I was then released, driven by the police back to my car and got a 2 vehicle escort out of Merseyside. I was told that I can't return until the following day.

It is obvious to me that this kidnapping was carried out on the orders of Jeremy Corbyn, who gave me permission to get on his roof then had me arrested when I done it.

It's also worth noting that over the day's that the conference was on there were many protests and marches that took place outside the conference venue and nobody was arrested or given a dispersal notice.

This is a clear breach of my human rights and a disgusting tactic by Merseyside police and the Labour party.

A Government that denies my Children the right to a Father is bad enough....But persecuting me for not accepting it is a step too far.

#GiveMeBackElmo #GetThemHome

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